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Fused Tacos

At Fused Tacos, we’ve taken a worldly view of tacos and have had innovation on our minds ever since our inception.  Innovation is a frame of mind and is born from the drive to recreate or expand upon the established.

We pursue food creations that evokes the kind of comfort one reminisces about: nostalgic memories, times of fulfillment and the reminders of the easy-going and fun times. We do so by taking the liberty of reimagining the familiar fare of our childhood and reinterpreting it through the lenses of our life experiences.

Improvising, yet carefully fusing local and staple worldly ingredients with humor and imagination to produce cuisine that transcends us to a past moment in time, while experiencing a perfectly brand new memory.

We believe that food should be thought provoking and experienced with all our senses, especially our emotions. Let us bring you to your happy place. Go to your happy place!

  • When Strangers Eat Like Neighbors, Communities Are Fused

     Some of the best cuisines in the world is born on the busy city streets. Street food is so much more than just something to eat; it’s a view into one’s soul, a people’s story. It’s an expression of love, a way of life. Explore with us!

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